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John Singer – Founder and CEO of NodeEra

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About NodeEra

After 35 years of working with relational databases, I discovered Neo4j and the property graph data model. Like you, I could see the advantages of this new approach to representing information in a database. While the property graph won’t be replacing all relational databases (yet), it is particularly well suited for what I was working on – IT metadata management and CMDB’s (Configuration Management Data Base).

As a relational data modeler, data analyst, DBA, I soon discovered that Neo4j lacked the types of tools I was used to working with – data modeling and query management – so I set out to build the tools I wish I had and NodeEra was born!

One of the exciting aspects of Neo4j’s property graph model is it’s “schema-on-demand” design. Unlike relational databases that require you to declare table structures before you can enter data, Neo4j allows you to enter Nodes and Relationships with any property names you want at run-time so the schema is defined on the fly. This means that data modeling (designing the schema) for a property graph can take place interactively as you refine your design while entering data in the database! NodeEra implements this dynamic, iterative approach to property graph design that I believe you will find useful, more productive, and best of all – fun!

NodeEra is committed to providing the best Neo4j data modeling and data management tools based on the needs of our customers. Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to serving your Neo4j data design and management needs.

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