Advantages Of Amending The Us Constitution

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The Electoral College process for selecting the President gives a slight advantage to federalism by giving each state electoral votes equal to their number of Senators and Members of the House rather than using direct popular election.

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In years the department of administration or its successor shall submit to the legislature a recommendation for an appropriation for adequate redistricting expenses and shall make available adequate office space for the operation of the independent redistricting commission.

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Keep Private Property The government is only allowed to take away your land if the land will be used for a public purpose. Transcript Owner

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Carolene Products foretold the future of the Fourteenth Amendment which was to be about strict scrutiny of racial classifications and rational basis scrutiny for almost everything else.

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The Judges, shall have standing to petition the Superior Court to declare whether the State or political subdivision in which the taxpayer resides has spent, but in consideration of public services.

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