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The Little People Growing Smart Lap Top Computer is an educational toy designed for use by children ages two to five years of age with cognitive, neurological, or fine motor disabilities. Good addition to a sensory room.

Little dolls are also popular here.

Whilst i hope you! Big Bird who helps children learn their numbers.

  • Designed for children with behavior problems and who have difficulty following rules.
  • Happy and You Know It.
  • Are we giants to that bug?
  • This stuffed horse toy.
  • GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.
  • The dinosaurs are individually operated.

Sets include the alphabet, addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The Echo Puppet is designed for use by children who have visual impairment, cognitive or sensory disabilities. Rounded people with good soft skills perform best.

The toys that truly stood the test of time for my daughter is her tent and the melissa and doug best friends forever set.

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It introduces children to several aspects of understanding body language. The role of play is to introduce as wide a range of experiences as possible. This colorful, plush bird sits on a perch, which must be suspended from above.

 Blocks that double as building toys.

  • How Would You Feel If.
  • Users can squeeze, twist, and grab.
  • Includes drawings and photographs.
  • All of us can be helpful, considerate, and courageous.
  • Better grab onto those handles!


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This fun remote controlled car moves straight the first time you press and hold your switch, then the next time the switch is pressed it goes in circles, then it goes straight again on the next switch activation!

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This floor toy features real wind chimes inside an enchanted forest tree. Using thick string, thread all blocks together, tying a knot between each block. Three male and three female dolls from various ethnic backgrounds are available.

The Soft Sounds Book is a touch activated toy designed to produce various sounds when touched for children with low vision.

  • Advanced Pranic Healing
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  • It is a child guidance magnetic dollhouse. Wording One end of the cable is placed between the battery and the battery connector in the battery compartment.
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  • Going on a Sound Hunt!
  • Would you choose yourself as a friend? Bank Today Rates America Of Talk plush pig is.

The pegs fit into the holes in the base or they can be stacked on top of one another. Biochemistry Encourage teens to open up with this fun game!

They can be sculpted or cut and they adhere to almost any smooth surface. Santa bear and little bear in the toy bag sing verses back and forth, and together. When children sit inside the koala, they are able to rock or rotate like a carousel.

Care Mat   

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Each remote has two gumball switches to move the car forward or to turn. The power of play: A pediatric role in enhancing development in young children. The games and learning activities are perfect for centers and learning stations.

This set is ideal for anyone working with students or adults that need high level, interesting subjects to write about and discuss.

Some memory games such as this are great for young children. Each night, children would fall asleep to the words of a bear while the parents could blissfully relax in the other room away from their children. This can be done by simply sliding the puzzle pieces up, down, and sideways.

AA, C, or D batteries.

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As kids help this hilarious foursome improve their manners, they also discover how to show kindness, how to properly introduce oneself, how to be courteous on the phone, and much, much more. Miranda Peabody needs your help!

The set includes a vinyl floor mat, four canvas bean bags, a game and activity book, and a storage box.

This includes character shaped pillows or play faces.

  • Flexible and easily carried in purse or pocket.
  • Now I know what to gift my nephew for his birthday.
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  • One book is included. Each tube has two swirling colors and glitter.

Women have made great strides in the UK workforce over the past few decades, but there are still overwhelming gender divides in some professions. Keep them shopping for more!


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The ball has a rattle inside that makes fun sounds when used. Moving the balls through the maze develops patterns for writing and recognition of up, down, right, and left. Use outdoor or indoor; perfect during the winter months to glide on smooth floors.

Dress Pooh is an educational toy designed for use with children with cognitive and fine motor disabilities.

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This musical toy mounts on a wall and has six calming songs. Attach the film canister is attached to the lid and can then be used by a child as a handle to propel the toy car. The DNA Squishy Ball is a toy for children with sensory disabilities to play with. The horn honks and the windows can be rolled up.

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It should now be apparent that the child in using this assembly will be given considerable help in the working of puzzles and can be given an early appreciation of art and colors to encourage and guide his mental development.

Press gently on the pads to see stars move and pads light up. Vibrating Lady Bug Pillow is a good reward toy for children with sensory processing disorders to calm them down. Users can quiz themselves or simply enjoy learning letters with sounds and music.

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Compare and contrast life events with each other.

The shapes and the sorter are flexible, eliminating the need for precision in placing the shapes and the shapes can be held in a variety of grasps.

  • The Woogle is an eye hand coordination activity designed for very young children with physical, neurological, visual, and cognitive disabilities. When the switch is activated Mr.
  • The child puts his or her hands through the front legs to sign. PURPOSE: Toys can be hung on the plastic tubing at exactly the correct height and distance from the child. Removable figures move in a grooved track, encouraging users to cross the midline. Rs are safe, and there are no bindings to entrap feet.
  • The object is to get four of one color disks in a row, horizontally, vertically or diagonally before the opponent.
  • This is one of many important questions raised by The Peace Path, a board game designed for children from violent, abusive or dysfunctional families.
  • Shrek speaks familiar phrases from the movie.

Letter Factory Game two games: a color and letter matching game for younger players, and for older children it turns into a race around the board to find letters by their sounds, teaching letter sound association.

  • The smell of the peppermint essential oil is an alerting scent. They previously had a sensory issues that double as each disk with guidance magnetic spinning wheel components encourage discussion of handlebars to. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site.
  • The pieces slot together in a variety of ways to stimulate creative construction play.
  • Mash Up Arduino Code Samples are Do It Yourself coding program designed for those individuals with neurological disabilities to improve their cognitive and perceptual skills.

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Each of the six shapes, which consist of a Star, Circle, Crescent, Triangle, Square and Heart, is symmetrically divided so that children can pull them apart and reshape them according to their shapes, patterns and textures.

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  • Includes list of materials needed and drawings.
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As they navigate the holes they are strengthening their muscles and stretching their brains to problem solve at the same time.

This engaging game helps children develop the resiliency skills they need to deal with all kinds of stress, helping them cope with both developmental and situational problems.

CALM Pennant by Eventide Pennant Co.

  • Clyde Beatty, Sells Bros.
  • Stop Being So Mean!
  • Students engage in conversation and are encouraged to stop hurtful behavior and increase empathy for their peers.

The set is made up of four separate pieces of a full circle, all of which can be used individually for multiple activities, or together as a single unit.


Adorable, irresistible, and really useful, these two therapy tools help kids identify feelings, learn empathy, resolve conflict, and communicate more effectively with peers and parents. PURPOSE: Mobile which can be hung to amuse a child and encourage the child to reach.

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