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The number of farmers and workers participating in Fairtrade grew to over 166 million We estimate that over the last 25 years the number of farmers and workers who have benefitted from Fairtrade has quadrupled.

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Investment of the Fairtrade Premium in community development projects like improved health facilities better access to education for children and adults and agricultural equipment or techniques to improve crops and yields is improving the quality of lives of rural communities.

10 Things Everyone Hates About Direct Trade Coffee Vs Fair Trade

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Episode 076 Sip and Sonder in Inglewood California we talk about what direct versus fair trade means in the coffee industry When the idea of. This episode of The BoiseCoffee Podcast centers around two different yet connected ways of sourcing coffee Fair Trade and Direct Trade.


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So, we created this list of our favorite fifteen brands that are making delicious coffee for conscious consumers.

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