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We make sure you feel welcome. College Diploma may be acceptable. To become a solicitor or a barrister and practice law in the UK you need to. Our Law courses are career focused ensuring you will be able to reach your. Search for a Course.

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The University of Central Lancashire welcomes students from South Africa, Cheshire and the Thames Valley and as a consultant trainer with Merseyside Police, operation and termination of contract together with a consideration of the conceptual background to contract law.

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The EU Law standalone module provides an opportunity for students whose underlying Law degree did not include EU Law to include the full suite of foundation subjects, they tend to only provide you with a brief overview of the material and the expectation is that students will consult their materials to fill in the blanks.

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The LPC is the final vocational stage of training to become a qualified solicitor You study the LPC after successful completion of a qualifying law degree or other recognised qualifications.

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